Half Gods….

I love Greek Myths and Legends.  I love how the legends and myths talk about Gods walking among men and the offspring that do heroic deeds.  So when I was creating Saivryth, I was inspired to create a similar epic grandness, and thus I incorporated Half Gods into the history of my world.  Like in the Greek Myths, the Saivryth Half Gods do run the gambit between their heritage and their service to the various Gods.

With the concept of Half Gods, I had to decide what made a Half God and how were they different from Demi Gods or even Gods.  I decided that their deeds, or in some cases misdeeds, and power were going to be a factor in how a Half God lived on Saivryth.  To the best of my knowledge, there is still only one Half God, truly trained and educated on how to use her power and abilities.  And that is due to the fact that her parents doted on her and saw to it that she was fully taught how to use her powers as a Half God.  This would be Kiasa Kislaran, the adoptive daughter of Saidryn Ornalithan, Gate Keeper of Saivryth and his Outlander Goddess wife, Elanya.

While Kiasa is well known as a Half Goddess, there have been other Half Gods, that are just as notable in the History of Saivryth.  Another such pair are the two eldest Half Gods, Daric Askeric and his twin brother, Phedrin Askeric.  They were born to a young Drow Queen and their father, Ninrath Dorain, God of Chaos and Lord of the Evil Gods.  While their mother did have their best interests at heart, she also saw Daric, as the elder of the two twins, as a means to keep her throne, and did manage his life and his brother Phedrin’s life, to her liking as they grew up.  When they came of age and into their inheritance, they both decided to stand against their mother, and Ninrath, their father, as he too tried to order their lives to his benefit.  Even though he was a King in his own right, Daric offered himself up in service to Solarin Dolshalla, Goddess of Justice as her champion.  Phedrin, also took service with a God, Adamus, God of War.  The two eventually passed their respective kingdoms to their heirs and continued in service to their chosen Gods.  It was many years before both either Daric or Phedrin, accepted or acknowledged their heritage from their father, Ninrath.  But they are still a force to be reckoned with almost 500,000 years after their birth.  Now, Daric is in service to Serin, Goddess of Despair, and Phedrin continues his service to Adamus, God of War.

Another notable Half God, is Nairyck Shalnar, son of Merdressa Maltrees, Queen of Cerdrinal, Leader of the Arch Mages, and Shallan Shalnar, Demi God of the Shadow Moon.  Nairyck has managed to establish his own kingdom, called Safe Haven, which is a refuge for other Half Gods, and Slaves, as well as being home base for the Mercenary Guild and their Merc Companies.  He has taken a stand against all those that would use or abuse those with Gods Blood in them.  His kingdom of Safe Haven is known far and wide as a shining example of law and service to the Gods of Light and Neutrality.

Not all Half Gods serve the Gods of Good or Neutrality, there are also those that stand out in their service to the Gods of Evil.  One such Half God is Jennis Prynni.  He is one of the many sons of Ghrannys Lithar, Demi God of Greed and Trisella Prynni, one of his many mortal concubines.  Ghrannys offered Jennis to Serin Dorrara, Goddess of Despair to serve her as she saw fit.  Jennis started out as a member of her personal guard, but eventually because her Champion and is often referred to as Serin’s Archer.  It is his job to chastise those that fail or offend her.  It is rumored that as an Archer, he has never missed his target.  He has been known to brag that what he aims at, he hits.  There are few willing to risk his wrath as he is very ruthless in his service to his Goddess.  He is married to one of the daughters of Ninrath Dorain, Veia Chaleen, High Priestess of Serin Dorrara.




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