Click, Bang, Boom!

To Quote one of my favorite Sci Fi Ladies, Commander Susan Ivanova: “There is always a Boom!”  well that’s not all of the quote, but it will do.  So for years I’ve known that the Races of Saivryth, had their own names.  They didn’t always go by Human, Elf, Dwarf, Drow, Dragon, Halfling, Gnome, or Skin Changer.  But I never got around to figuring them out.  Well due to recent fun and games in the Table Top Game for Saivryth, I have had to draw new maps.  I am finally mapping out my Celestial Plain to locate where all the God Realms are.  And in the process I went for broke and created the Map of the Ancestral Court.  Which means I finally put in writing the actual names for the Races of Saivryth.  It was a lot of fun.   I also updated the Race page for Saivryth with those names.  Yay Me!  Now I am going to sit down and create actual Racial Pages instead of mooching links from the Core Rules for D&D.  I decided that if I was going to make my Races distinctive, I might as well go all the way and lay out my own little quirks for each Race.  It should be interesting.



Rhoryn Prynni

This wasn’t the original post I was going to write about my favorite Hordeling.  This is the new post that I am writing about my favorite Hordeling.  Back when I first started Saivryth, the Horde didn’t exist.  Most of the characters revolved around Merdressa and Shallan, the couple that would pretty much be a Legend/Myth in Saivryth.  Then I expanded things to include the many numerous gods and goddesses that make up Saivryth’s Pantheon.  I made Gods into player characters and non player characters.  Then I expanded things to children of said Gods, and Rhoryn Prynni was born.  Now, you have to understand that at the core of the character Rhoryn is his love and devotion to his Mother, Kaina Rose Prynni.  Yes, my favorite Hordeling is a Mama’s boy.  You also can’t have Rhoryn without his twin brother Khoral.  That twin sibling bond is a corner stone in regards to Rhoryn’s personality.  Another corner stone is his slave girl/lover/wife Rhysalla.  They have been together since he was eight and she was six.  They are literally inseparable.  They have been together through several children, lots of complications and many high and low points in life.

I have tried several times over the years to write short stories or even full length stories about the various characters in the World of Saivryth.  Rhoryn has come the closest to actually having his life written down and immortalized in print.  I think it is time to go back and revisit his life and put pen to paper and finally tell the tale of Rhoryn Prynni.

I’ll keep you posted on if I am successful.


I guess the best place to start is to post a link on here to the Website so that people can follow along.  I will figure out how to get a link set up for people to just jump to the site.  You can find most of the background stuff for Saivryth at  This is the home site, which has lots of neat nifty links to various pages with Art Work by my wonderful husband, Brian.

have fun and go explore.


Welcome to the World of Saivryth, watch out for the BPFS

Welcome to the first post in the Saivryth Blog.

Here are some things you can look forward too in upcoming posts:

Running dialogues with some of the Saivryth Characters.

Snippets of world information that is not on the website.

Snatches of stories from various points in the History of the World of Saivryth.

Basically, RGM needs to clear out her head of all the fun things she has created over the many years for this world.  And she needed a place to put it all so that it’s not forgotten.

So let’s start with the BPFS..AKA the Big Pink Fluffy Sign:  Welcome to the world of Saivryth, things get crazy around here.  This can be a very dark messed up world, so enter at your own risk.