Saidryn here,

I’m taking a few moments to myself, playing with Dani’s terminal, while the wife is spending time with the baby.

Things are so not quiet right now over on the home front.  I have new gods, excuse me, Old Gods running around doing who knows what.  I found one of them, but I’m not exactly sure where the other one is.  I have to go looking for him.   I would send the son in law to go snooping, but he’s dealing with a Death Knight and a curse on priests and paladins of Justice of all things.  I am contemplating letting the Old Fool know what is going on, but I’m not exactly talking to him right now.  Something about changing time lines and knowing that these two particular old gods were out and about, and not telling me about it.

Honestly, I got a good look at the female Beta Balance and almost freaked.  She’s so old, I have no idea how I am going to handle her.  And she happens to be completely insane on top of it all.  Right now she has latched on to Prince Jessyl’s little band of misfits sorting out his throne on Tolnia.  Which is just fine with me, gives me a chance to plan out what I am going to do about her.  I’m not too worried about her at the moment, okay I am a lot worried about her at the moment, but my granddaughter Serrya and that Witch, Lylliah Ahliioryn seem to have things in hand.

As for that Death Knight situation, I know the Justice Brats, along with my son in law and his brothers have things in hand, but I really hate Fallen Arch Mages.  They tend to muck things up pretty good.  I’ll do my best to keep an eye on things, as they progress.

Oh well, guess I have to scoot, before Dani finds out i hijacked her terminal for this….

Saidryn Ornalithian,

Saivryth Gate Keeper, Lord of the Gods (I know I got conned into that one, still haven’t figured out how to get out of it.)