World Building

So, all the way back in 1998, I was looking to create a new world for gaming on line, and thus Saivryth, was born.  This is the second gaming world that I have built over the years.  I have actually built 3 total, Markin, Saivryth, and the First World.  Markin and the First World are interconnected.  Saivryth is it’s own entity entirely.  The main gaming platform for Saivryth is D&D based with a bunch of homemade stuff that is unique to the world of Saivryth itself.  I don’t use any of the various Gods or People or Places or Realms that are part of the D&D system.  Instead I created it all on my own, from the Gods to the races.  Even the D&D based Races like Elf, Drow, Dwarf, Gnome, Dragon and Halfling have their own Saivryth twists, to make them unique in the world of Saivryth.

I have given each of them their own Society norms and customs, complete with Racial Gods.  As I go along with this blog, I promise to address each set of customs and tell a little about the societies and the gods that go with the various races.

Enjoy and have fun reading this…




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