Saivryth and the Two God System

The first thing any one says when they look at the list of Gods for Saivryth, is “Good Lord, that’s a lot of Gods….”  Yes, it is.   When you think about it we have religions that have a huge variety of gods in their pantheons.  The ancient Egyptian, the Norse, and the Greek pantheons are just a few examples of some of those religions.   When I created the pantheon for Saivryth, I wanted to emulate some of the aspects of what life would be like in a world with so many gods in them.   The fact that there is practically a god for everything on Saivryth, well that was just fun trying to create them and have them make sense in a daily life.

The next step was to break them down so that they could be separated into Good, Evil and Neutral aspects.  It was actually fun trying to create a list that basically not only gave a comprehensive set of gods, but that would span all three spheres.  I mean where do you put a god or goddess of healing?  Is it a God of Good or a God of Neutrality?  Or even better a God of War?  I mean, War is not pleasant, or even acceptable sometimes to solve a situation.  But it is needed, so I created six of them.  That’s right six, because in most societies, Battle is glorified and considered to be an honorable death.  Where as War is a solution to a problem, or a means to an end.  But Slaughter, well that is just wrong and should be avoided at all cost, because that is just wanton killing of innocents.  So I created six different Gods of War, I have two gods of Battle for the Gods of Good, two Gods of War for the Gods of Neutrality, and two Gods of Slaughter for the Gods of Evil.  It worked.  I then tried to do similar break downs across the board.

Then came the next thought, why two of each?  Mostly because I wanted to have fun with it.  But over the years, I have expressed the thought that what one god or goddess may miss another can catch, in the way of prayers or worship.  And of course the original system for Saivryth was broken down where the ‘Lesser’ God or in this case the Demi God, would represent or be the intermediary between the Mortals and the Greater God.   Of course this wasn’t always perfect, which was why the Gods of Saivryth have a slight Greek feel to them, in that some times they like to play on the Mortal Plain and go adventuring.  So sometimes the Greater God would go wandering the Mortal Plain and declare themselves the Demi God, mostly because they can.  Which then created a whole new set of dynamics, as now you have a world populace that thinks the Demi God is the Greater God.  And the Greater God is the Demi God.  Which from a gaming stand point is just brilliant.  Especially, when some of the Gods get killed off due to Celestial Wars or the random high powered God Slayer. Because now you have new God like beings who are born to replace the Gods that have perished.  So now you have a whole populace on a world that has to learn how to integrate the new aspects of their God and still channel the prayers correctly, without busting the spheres of influence that are Good, Evil, and Neutrality.

Then there is the other fun part, which is your independent hard headed Celestial Being, that stands out as a character in the world, who loves to create havoc, by representing herself or himself as a God and refuses to let another God or Goddess stand in for them.  Or even better, the world is so ancient, that the Celestial Beings after all this time are very uniquely distinctive on their own and stand out as representatives of their chosen aspect or sphere.

Now, that you have all of these Celestial Beings created and listed out, the next step is to decide are any of them Racial Gods for your various races or are you going to wing it and create Racial Gods too?  And what about Elemental Beings?  Do you create those too?  I decided to go for broke.  I created all of the above.  And then to make things even more entertaining, there are Gods from the Spheres of Influence that are also Racial Gods.  Went to all that trouble why not have some of them do double duty?

Trying to keep up with it all and make it into sense for some one to follow is always fun.  To get a good look at all the various Celestial Beings on Saivryth, take a wander over to the website and see them listed here,



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