Welcome to the World of Saivryth, watch out for the BPFS

Welcome to the first post in the Saivryth Blog.

Here are some things you can look forward too in upcoming posts:

Running dialogues with some of the Saivryth Characters.

Snippets of world information that is not on the website.

Snatches of stories from various points in the History of the World of Saivryth.

Basically, RGM needs to clear out her head of all the fun things she has created over the many years for this world.  And she needed a place to put it all so that it’s not forgotten.

So let’s start with the BPFS..AKA the Big Pink Fluffy Sign:  Welcome to the world of Saivryth, things get crazy around here.  This can be a very dark messed up world, so enter at your own risk.



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